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What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT)?

RCT is often a last attempt to save a badly broken down tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. There may be an infection associated with the roots of the tooth. The damage to the tooth may be a result of tooth decay,trauma, a tooth that has previously been heavily filled and that may have developed a fine crack.


How many visits does RCT require?
By its very nature, this treatment is a complex procedure and may require several visits. All of these visits are required for the treatment to be successful and failure to attend an appointment may result in relapse. Root treatment involves stabilizing the roots of the tooth so that it can act as the foundations on which a restoration can be placed.


Is RCT always successful?
The success rate for RCT is excellent, in fact over 90%. Failure is more likely in exceptional complicated cases, such as very curved roots or a long-term infection or abscess.

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