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Dental implants are an ideal long-term solution for people who are missing one or more teeth.

Implants are a titanium root that is placed into the bone, it provides a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth that look and feel like your natural teeth.

Not everyone is suitable for implants, good bone levels, good oral hygiene and a good health in general are required for best results.

There are several options of implant restoration from a single style implant and tooth to full set of implant restored teeth, your dentist will then go through the best option with you.

How it works
A titanium implant/implants depending on what treatment required are inserted into the bone and a cover is placed and the gum stitched.

A healing period of between three to six months is required depending on the individual healing progress.


After the healing period, a healing abutment is placed ready for the final restoration.


Depending on what restoration is required and impression is made of the abutment and measurements are taken for your bite, this is then sent to an experienced implant technician to make the final product, once made the new implant crowns re fitted.

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